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M3TRIX and the Global Youth Leadership Academy are joining forces

Dr. Angelika Salmen
Christophe Funk

M3TRIX and the Global Youth Leadership Academy are joining forces…

M3TRIX is proudly announcing its international partnership with the Global Youth Leadership Academy (GYLA), an initiative to connect youths globally, bridge cultural divides and learn about key issues the world is grappling with.

Starting this Summer from 16- 27 August 2021 M3TRIX and GYLA will be partnering to host the first international Summer Academy, a virtual event for students and young professionals. The 2-week programme offers participants the opportunity to learn about the role of UN institutions, key sustainability and leadership challenges and how these can be addressed through close collaboration and action learning approaches.

Tackling global issues like the climate crisis or social inequalities, requires a new form of collaboration and leadership. Engaging the leaders of tomorrow is paramount in solving these and many more challenges. This is an amazing opportunity for students and young professionals to learn about their role in achieving the SDGs, while collaborating with other participants globally.

Sustainability on top of the Agenda everywhere! It seems the time has come to overcome the old trade-off thinking between Profit and Sustainability. A new business mindset is becoming the most important issue to change the future to the better. A discussion process I have followed and contributed for over 20 years - I am now happy to see progress and new ideas everywhere in the world. YES, we will be successful in establishing a new global sustainable economy.

Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter, Founder of M3TRIX

GYLA gives me the opportunity of interacting with more young people. Whenever I meet them, I’m always struck by their optimism, empathy and desire to make a real impact. GYLA perfectly embodies this positive energy, providing a platform for our future leaders to speak out, connect and scale solutions for a more sustainable future. Young people are at the heart of social change, and achievement of the SDGs and in many ways, are already leading the way. By giving them a louder voice and a helping hand, I am sure that GYLA, in collaboration with international community, national governments and academic institutions, can build the more sustainable, inclusive world we all want to see.”

Dr. Liangrong Zu, Founder of GYLA

However, not only students can participate in the Summer Academy. Your company or academic institutions wants to participate? You are warmly invited to contribute to the virtual Summer Academy. A collaboration can take various forms, from preparing a real-life business challenge or case study to engaging your students, apprentices, and young professionals to sharpen future competencies.

To learn more about the M3TRIX-GYLA Summer Academy, collaboration opportunities, admission requirements, registration please contact Angelika Salmen – salmen@m3trix.de

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The colorful courses that GYLA offers are like the stars that light up the unexplored areas in the sky, and also like the keys that unlock the hidden places that we have never entered.

Ruinan Zhang, GYLAer from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Some participants see GYLA as a window, some regard GYLA as a stair, but I think GYLA is more like a key that gives me a chance to see a wider and freer world. GYLA always holds to the principles of “of the youth, by the youth and for the youth”, and encourages us to think globally, act locally. Thanks to the key of GYLA, we will have the opportunity and possibility of working and serving international organizations in the future.”

Tianrong Deng, GYLAer from Jinan University, Guangzhou, China