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M3trix provides discount code for Responsible Leadership Conference of the F.A.Z.-Institute

Christophe Funk

M3trix provides discount code for Responsible Leadership Conference of the F.A.Z.-Institute


M3TRIX is a partner of this year’s Responsible Leadership - 9th International Humboldt Conference, which is organised by the F.A.Z.-Institut. The main topic “How companies can bring together economic success, sustainability and responsibility” is gaining even more importance in the era of COVID-19. The conference will take place on September 15 and 16 as a digital conference and will be translated live into English. 

Prof. René Schmidpeter will guide through the digital program alongside F.A.Z. business editor Sven Astheimer. Follow the live lectures and panel discussion of renowned personalities and strategic leaders from business, politics and science. Experience pioneers such as Ed Freeman, John Elkington, Sandra Waddock, who inspire insight into the latest findings and encourage discussion. 

As a sustainable company, we too want to make our contribution and share the knowledge and insights of this conference with as many people as possible. Be part of the event and join the discussion. The best thing to do is to secure one of the limited codes for tickets at a reduced price directly. You are welcome to contact me at the e-mail address 

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference and to networking with you digitally!

Is there a connection between sustainable action and business success? Until now, Responsible Leadership has focused more on climate change and social engagement. However, the Corona crisis has shown that these issues are no longer sufficient and that companies need to go one step further. This conference will answer questions like: What do we learn from the current corona crisis? Which actions and values will play an important role in the future? Which CSR concepts are sustainable and feasible? Of course, the classic topics such as climate change, urbanisation, sustainable mobility etc. still play an important role, because these problems have not disappeared either. 
This is the main way to answer the question: What does “responsible leadership” mean in these turbulent times? What could, should, or would top decision-makers today be able to achieve to change the world and be economically successful at the same time?