Der M3TRIX ACE-Ansatz: Analytics, Counseling, Empowerment

The M3TRIX ACE–Approach: Analytics, Counselling, Empowerment

Our Approach

Successful Sustainable Business Transformation is a cross-sectional task. It must be systematically anchored in all areas of the organization. To achieve this, a company needs appropriate framework conditions and solution-oriented structures. Individuals involved require the necessary basic knowledge and adequate implementation competence.

Based on the M3TRIX performance fields Analytics, Counselling, and Empowerment – we work alongside you to develop evidence-based, tailor-made and potential-oriented cooperation packages for a successful sustainability transformation.



The expansion of sustainable management within your organization is founded upon the conceptualization and implementation of evidence-based analyses. Predominantly: Materiality assessments, employee and stakeholder surveys, impact measurement reports, SWOT analysis, and the development of KPIs.



Continuous monitoring and reflection as your "companion" in the conception and implementation of strategies, instruments, and measures of sustainable management.



Enabling executives and employees to build their own competence and background knowledge on sustainable management.