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Sustainable Business Transformation Leader - Asia -

Online certificate course

Finally! The first SBT Leader course in ASIA. Apply now. 

We are proud to announce our strong partnerships for the SBT LEADER course in Asia: the Sustainability Center Europe and Expert Humans in Singapore.

Our online certificate course to become a Sustainable Business Transformation Leader offers you profound knowledge about the social, economic and ecological challenges of sustainable transformation in the private and public sector.

Both risks and opportunities arise in addressing these challenges, and companies around the world are looking for competent guidance in order to creatively manage the necessary changes.

>> Gain the knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively address the challenges and lead meaningful change.

Experts in the fields of sustainable management, business transformation, impact management and responsible leadership offer you the knowledge and skills for a sustainable transformation of organizations in a practice-oriented and stimulating way.


The content is based on the knowledge that the integration of sustainability into the core business and along the entire value chain are elementary components of the sustainable business transformation.

The aim is to reduce negative impacts on society and simultaneously create positive values.

Our approach aims to systematically combine the individual impact potentials of companies in terms of sustainable development and their own economic perspective. In concrete terms, this means achieving sustainable corporate success. Companies thereby become part of the solution to complex challenges instead of being perceived as part of the problem.

Who should attend the course?

With the Sustainable Business Transformation Leader we have developed a compact certificate course for all those who want to take the change towards a more sustainable development in their own hands.

This course is designed for professionals who want to implement sustainability in their organization as well as consultants who want to identify new social, economic and environmental opportunities with their clients and create a competitive advantage with them.


We provide you with the necessary mindset for a sustainable business transformation. You apply the contents to your individual business challenges and can thus establish the transfer between scientifically sound knowledge and practical implementation.


Course Curriculum

  • Orientation: Introduction, get to know & course overview
  • Module 1: Sustainability challenges and their economic opportunities
  • Module 2: Integrative growth through sustainable management
  • Check-in: Check-in and reflection
  • Module 3: Regulations and Ratings
  • Module 4: Integrating sustainability into corporate strategy
  • Module 5: Leading meaningful change and innovation 
  • Final project: Written project report (praxis transfer) and oral project presentation (prototyping)

The modules include online live lectures, break out sessions, peer discussions, role play activities and reflections. In some cases, documents are sent out as preparation for the modules (e.g. articles, videos, podcasts), which should be reviewed before the module. Some modules contain submission tasks. For successful certification, all submissions must be handed in on time and the final exam must be passed.

Key information

Language: English
Program length: 10 weeks (5 modules + orientation + check in + final project + online mentoring +2 Expert Panel Sessions)
Study time: 30 hours online; 40 hours individual study
Program start: 2021
Platform: Zoom and online learning platform
Price: S$ 3,250 
Achievement: Certified Sustainable Business Transformation Leader



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The coaches

Patrick Bungard

Patrick Bungard

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter & Mitgründer M3TRIX

Nachhaltiges Management in Theorie und Umsetzung
Social Entrepreneurship
Business Models
Nachhaltige Geshäftsmodelle
Monika Kolb

Monika Kolb

Leiterin M3TRIX Akademie

Nachhaltiges Management
Verantwortungsvolle Führung
Transformative Bildungsformate
Lerntheorien insbesondere Expertiential Learning, Action Learning und Adult Education
René Schmidpeter

René Schmidpeter

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter & Mitgründer M3TRIX

CSR pioneer
Unternehmerische Innovation
Globale Nachhaltigkeitsentwicklung
Akademische Studien
Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins

CEO Expert Humans


#Humanising the Workplace  

#Sustainability and HR

#Global disruptors

#Leadership development

#Keynote speeches

#International panel moderator

Rudi Plettinx

Rudi Plettinx

CEO and Co-Founder Sustainability Centre Europe


#Global Business Development   

#Business Strategy & Execution

#For Profit/ Non-Profit

#Sustainable Business Transformation 

#Cash Flow Management

#Revenue & Profit Growth