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Responsible Investment Banking

1 Edition (2015) by Karen Wendt

About the book

This book explores the significance of social and environmental factors in the decision making in the investment and banking sector. It is based on the premise that investors and institutions which fail to integrate extra-financial risk and positive impact creation into their investment considerations will eventually lose their licence to operate in society. In this respect, the Gold Standard Framework as an instrument to integrate extra-financial risk into processes, strategies, products, and the banking and investment culture is critically discussed and issues, such as positive impact finance, human rights, fiduciary duties, climate friendly markets, and shared values are elaborated through a wide range of practical examples. Furthermore, the book aims to answer the questions how a new investment and banking culture with double loop learning and sustainable financial innovation could evolve, what the benefits of a better stakeholder interaction could be, what the challenges for implementation are and how these could be tackled. A range of international academic and professional experts in the area of ESG and impact investing present a variety of approaches and perspectives from impact and risk management to the creation of positive impact.
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